A reflection on Instagram’s dark patterns

Social media, Instagram in particular, has been an outlet for many people to avoid their reality. Seeing others live the life you dream of often provides that dopamine hit you would be getting from actually taking steps towards your goals. Instagram also creates a false sense of human connection. By…

How the rapid advancement of technology will impact information architecture systems.

The internet is packed with a plethora of information at your fingertips. One of the many important roles of a UX designer is to ensure that this information is organized and accessible to users. …

Why hype can’t always translate into success.

Spectacles, created by Snapchat, are camera sunglasses or “smartglasses” meant to be used exclusively with the Snapchat app. Users could record short videos that would upload to their Snapchat accounts. The release of this product stirred up a lot of hype and interest, so what ultimately went wrong?

The spectacles…

How Etsy has created an unrivaled global marketplace for small businesses to create real connections with their consumers.

In the field of product design I often find myself pondering what gives a product that “special sauce.” After all, what pushes a product from good to great? …

Sabrina Kanso

Product Designer

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